Flipped – Changing Mobility (2019)
In the globalized world of the 21st century, distances have become smaller than ever. Being able to go anywhere we want is a given for us – and for relatively little money at that. We ask ourselves what the consequences of such extensive mobility are and what could potentially change for it to become sustainable and available for everyone.
Together with my fellow student Maika Dieterich we created a platform that informs about alternative forms of mobility by posting animated graphics and 3D models, but also offers a space for opinions, for example by showing interviews or posting statements by different people.
Information platform
Data visualization
Social Media
We developed different 3D models to explain complex scientific topics in an unusual and fun way. The models  offer an easy introduction to the subject. 
Since Instagram is all about fast information consumption we had to find a way to visualize our collected data in a possibly easy and straight forward manner. The transformation from simple shapes into reduced diagrams and graphics takes the observer by the hand and allows to provide a consistent and organized feed.
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