Hyperraum (2019)
We were challenged to create a brand for the graduates exhibition 2019, including the creation of a Corporate Identity and Corporate Design. Me and my fellow student Moritz Büsselberg created a modular system, one that could work both as a container and as a grid to fit all the work and content of the exhibition. Hyperraum (ger. Hyperspace) is definded as any theoretical or fictional space or dimension, thought of as affording preternatural or surreal experiences or capabilities. Entering the exhibition one enters creativity as a spatial dimension where the processes and results are made available to experience. The keyvisual is meant to represent the Hyperraum and show creativity as a spatial entity. Its abstract form and tentacle like appendages reference the process of creation which is always evolving, drawing inspiration, reassembling and transforming. Its form also references illustrations of the theory of the multiverse, which fits the theme of higher dimensions.
Corporate Design
By using a modular system that is built from frames with round and sharp edges the design can adapt to various media and content. 
We developed different icons that are inspired by the shape of a tesseract (a four-dimensional cube) which references the topic of creativity as a higher dimension. Two different emblems can either be used as a logo  (left) or as a enter button to Hyperraum (right). 
The three-dimensional object visualizes the abstract idea of a Hyperraum that is a metaphor for creativity and the process of creation as a higher dimension. 
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