Deep Speed Typography (2019)
In our course "Deep Speed Typography" we were challenged to develop an identity for the new typography master degree programm at our university. The programm focuses on the future of typography. How will we read in future? Deeper? Faster? Which media and fonts will be used? Considering these issues in my proposal for the Corporate Design I'm taking up the problem of different digital and print formats in which type has to work and transform itself by using modules that change their size in an animation and a variable font that always matches these modules.
Corporate Design
The Corporate Design is built from three different layers: A grid system that makes reference to the endless amount of different print and digital formats, a type layer that includes the up to date topic of variable fonts and on top 3D balloons that offer a more playful introduction to typography and add a futuristic feel to the design.
The animated poster visualizes the issue of responsive design by letting the type always match the changing grid modules.
Type isn't static but has to adapt to the current circumstances just like an elastic balloon.
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