Climate change is racist because it will affect some groups of the population harder than others. For many people, climate protection will also mean protecting their own lives. For us, however, climate protection means at most giving up one or two avocadoes. It's very solidary when you consider that the consequences of climate change do not lie on our continent, and even more so in the distant future, don't you think? Far from it. Climate change is here. On your doorstep. 
The VR Climate Walk shows the consequences of climate change on the forests of Germany. At six different stations of the walk, into which the visitor can immerse himself through 360 photos, the visitor receives information on the topic.
Data visualization
Short texts provide an overview of the respective section. In addition, 360-degree photos allow the viewer to experience the effects of climate change on our native forests. Facts and statistics on the topic are integrated into the photos. The direct reference to one's own environment is intended to raise awareness of the problem of climate change, which is still very intangible for most people. This in turn should lead to a greater willingness to change one's own behavior.
The strong colours attract attention and provide an unexpected setting for the much discussed topic of climate change. The sticker aesthetics underline the fact that the changes taking place in the forest are man-made and "unnatural". The stickers summarize and complement statements from the text.
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